Non stop chewer

Hi mamas! My 2 1/2 year old has a serious chewing problem. This girl will put anything and everything in her mouth. We've gotten her silicone teething necklaces and she just chews on everything but that. I would greatly appreciate any feed back/suggestions on how to curb this behavior. Thank you! Picture of the perpetrator in action 😂
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Well she's cute. I also have a two 1/2 year girl. She should have her teeth. New ones are probably coming in and hurt. You can numbing ( excuse the spelling) with ice. Others parents are alittle more serious by using chilly. Also you can try numbing medicine but not recommended by dentists.

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I've definitely checked (when she lets me) to see if she's maybe getting in some molars but I haven't seen anything. She never really took to a pacifier either. She just loves to chew.

Distraction is the key. Coloring or some kind activity. Playing with a ball or blocks. Go for a walk. I go sometimes two short blocks. I make her walk for nap time.

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