2 years ago

Bible Story Movies for Toddlers

Hey mamas! I need since suggestions for movies (DVDs) that are appropriate for toddlers. I try to stay away from screen time, but sometimes I need a whole six inches of personal space so I can finish making dinner 😂 My baby loves Peter Rabbit, but I'd love to find something new, preferably animated Bible stories that aren't scary. As a point of reference, she finds Veggie Tales scary (she is very aware of and sensitive to sound effects and dramatic music). Thanks!
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last year

Superbook is a good one that my kiddos and I enjoy. The first season is on YouTube… I would steer clear of the first episode as it does have a couple of scary parts. There’s also Bernstein bears. My kids love all the books and I found a couple dvds on amazon. “The Star” movie is a good one. Mostly geared towards the nativity story so we like to watch it closer to Christmas 🥰🤗

2 years ago

I’m looking for as well, there are a few on YouTube but I can’t seem to find the ones I grew up with because they were aired on TV.

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2 years ago

I remember this one puppet show we had a VHS for, but it isn't available on DVD.

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