Who tried intermittent fasting to get back in before pregnancy weight?

Ladies,is any of you tried intermittent fasting to get your weight back after pregnancy? I know if you are breastfeeding you can't have this type pf diet, but now I finished a breastfeeding and I am thinking about fasting a lot, would like to hear other opinions☺️
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I used to do IF anyway (18:6 or OMAD) but have been very lazy in doing it since having my little one due to lack of sleep. If you’re not used to it it’ll be tricky at first but you can build up to it with circadian cycles, 16:8, 18:6 etc. The crux is once the diet is cleaner, weight will shift but it’s about finding ways to burn fat which would be a calorie deficit coupled with more movement in general and/or IF.

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