He cheated again

So my husband is cheating on me.. again. He did it when i was pregnant with our second baby and got the other woman pregnant. I forgot him cause it was too hard for me to do everything work, kids, pay all the bills,etc. He changed since we back together, but he starting his shit again. I tried to leave him one time and it was too hard (i dont have no family and no friends near me) my mom told me to close my eyes and act like nothing happened until i can handle everything by myself but its getting too hard. I need advice please. And for the single moms, how do you do it ?? I am really trying but with my work schedule its impossible.
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How many hours a week do you work? It’s hard to juggle everything especially working and being a mom. I am looking for people who want to join my team and rather work from home. If you are interested send me a message.

Hon I'm so sorry to say this: but that advice from your mom is terrible. Do NOT waste another minute! Get things in order and finding your own way. Make a list of everything you need to do, and pick one or two things to start. I do this kind of thing for a living, so if you need help, message me. I'm happy to help you (no cost). You absolutely DO NOT deserve to be with a cheating scumbag. I'm sorry, I know that's mean in its own way, but in my opinion, as someone who had a cheating husband, cheating is the lowest and most cowardly thing to do. ESPECIALLY to your pregnant wife!!!! Ugh I want to punch this guy so hard! He does not deserve your loyalty. I know people make mistakes, but this is a repeat offender. That's no mistake when you keep doing it. In the words of Beyonce "Tell him boy bye." Ugh. I'm ranting. And it's not my place to tell you what to do. Sorry. These are just my 2 cents. I know life and love can be so very complicated. I'm here if you need any help 💜

I would get rid of this guy. I don't know you but you deserve better than that.

I really wish you could message me so we can support one another I feel all your posts soooooo much !!!!! Going through this too !

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I second this. Let us be fully supportive of you.

If this is a regular pattern then it is definitely a problem. Cheating is always wrong and not something you have to put up with. The mental and emotional strain will be too much.

Don't waste your life being with a cheater. Make your plans and go. You could speak to your local women's shelter to see if they know of any programs that could help you.

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