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  • a year ago

Am I a bad mom?

I had an extremely hard and long 49 hour labor. I gave birth at my home and brought my sweet baby into the world in a calm loving medication free environment. I immediately started breastfeeding but it was excruciatingly painful from the very first moment- he is now a week old...His latch is perfect so that isn’t the problem. I just can’t handle breast feeding it causes so much physical and emotional pain for me. Every time I would try to feed him I would cry the whole time. I felt like I couldn’t bond with my baby if I was always breastfeeding him. Today I was gifted a wonderful Nanobébé bottle set, I pumped and fed my baby with a bottle I immediately felt better and happier but I can’t get out of my head that I’m a bad mom for giving my newborn a bottle. I’m still giving him breast milk and plan to breast feed intermittently but I can’t handle it all the time... does this make me a bad mom?😕I’m struggling to not feel terrible even though I do feel better at the same time.
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I was the same. Please go and see a lactation consultant, it really saved me and

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Omggg you are doing such a great job!! Please do not doubt yourself. I give you so many props for pumping. I struggled with finding time to pump as a single mom so I had to breastfeed exclusively. However, it is just perfect that you are feeding your baby and doing what’s best for you. It is so important that you are happy and taken care of emotionally and physically because otherwise your baby knows how you are feeling and it is hard to function as a mom. Remember all of the positive things that the mamas on here tell you because it is all true. You are doing amazing! Your baby is getting so much nutrition! You are a great mama, never doubt it.

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Absolutely doesn’t make you a bad mom. Fed is best. I do both. Breastfed and bottle. As long as you love your baby that’s all that matters momma!

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postpartum Depression

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You have to do what is best for you and your baby! No matter what that is. There is so much social pressure to behave a certain way and do certain things within motherhood especially surrounding feeding. And it’s bullshit! Breast is best I guess but what’s better than sticking to that mantra is you and your baby feeling good. If you’re only a week in you have plenty of time to make adjustments if you want to. Remember this is not forever it’s just right now and you’re killing it mama.

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