Trying new foods but there's a catch

So my husband and I eat a lot of meat or foods that have milk in it one way or another I've been trying to introduce solid foods to my son however he is allergic to cows milk and soy milk and all of the foods I want to be able to try giving him he can't have not yet at least the GI specialist we meet with once every 3-4 months says we can start trying baked milk (things like muffins and bread) when he is just over a year any ideas what I can give my son right now so far we have mainly done fruits and the occasional vegetable
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@Kirsty if you don't mind me asking what's CMPA?

My daughter has cmpa. We tend to just use dairy free alternatives for her or omit ingredients in her portion and try to eat the same. We've had spag bol, paella, curry, steak, fish, potatoes, porridge (made with water), to name a few things x

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