Anyone else have gas problems with their newborn?

Our baby is the sweetest thing and so easy. But she's been getting upset when she needs to fart/poop, not always, but enough for me to make my first post. Feel bad for the poor sausage. Have been doing massages. Any advice or tips?
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My son is the same, weleda colic powder is great for gas (he doesn't have colic)

My daughter was the same. We used gripe water, colic calm, and infacol to try and ease her pain

Gripe water has been amazing for our wee boy! He doesn’t really like the taste, but it works wonders. He poops within a few minutes of feeding it to him!

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Our baby pushes it out with her tongue. She does like the taste either. How do you get your boy to swallow it?

He started off doing the same, I use the syringe to push it down the side of his mouth and angle him back slightly :) He doesn’t initially like it but once it’s all down and his tummy starts rumbling he’s all smiles 😂

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