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  • Glen Burnie, United States
  • 20 days ago

What is a Birth Plan?

I keep seeing things about a birth plan and I didn’t know that was something to plan lol I’m 19w4d into my first pregnancy.
  • Avigail
  • New York, United States
  • 11 days ago

Hey love! A birth plan is essentially a plan of how you want labor and delivery to go. It’s good to have one and talk it over with your doctor so that you’re on the same page when the time comes, but I wouldn’t be 100% committed to anything other than actually giving birth. My birth plan became obsolete after the first 24 hours. But it helped make decisions go along smoother afterwards because the doctor and I had already discussed some of my expectations and she understood what I valued.

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  • San Antonio, United States
  • 13 days ago

If I didn't have mine the hospital would have pushed a c section even more (which I didn't have and didn't want) you'll have nurses come and go so it good for them if no one else. Try to get a doula or midwife I really wish I had one.

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  • 13 days ago

https://pin.it/zfcqu6ebyb7wgg this is a template for a birth plan which its good to have one

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  • Ocean Park, United States
  • 14 days ago

A lot of times your hospital (assuming that is where you are giving birth) will have a questionnaire regarding your plan. At your next check up ask them if they have one you should use and that way you can see what type of questions are on theirs and then if they don’t mention something that is important to you, you can add it. You still have lots of time to figure out what you want and what is important to you. I think the reason for a plan, or really preference is so while you are in labor you don’t have to remember to ask or suggest everything, in that moment you can just focus on you and the baby. Happy planning! You will have a special and beautiful birth story no matter what!

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  • West Valley City, United States
  • 15 days ago

You can look up birth plan templates to see the kind of stuff that’s on it. I think it can help you know some of the things that could happen but there’s not a lot that you really have control over. What you do have control over is more like who’s in the room, what stuff you bring, and if you’re going to try to breastfeed or not so do research on those things.

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