2 years ago

Baby fell off the bed

Help me I'm freaking out. At home we have a floor mattress for our 10 month old (Montessori esc) or we bedshare once we come to bed but we're away visiting family for Christmas and are staying in a rented apartment that have never had a baby before so they didn't have a cot or bed rails etc. We have been putting pillows along the perimeter of the bed as a "barrier" but she got over and off in her sleep. We have checked all limbs are moving okay , no signs of concussion but I'm so scared that something might be missed and my baby is hurt. .... How can we stop this in the future?
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last year

Oh how is baby now?

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last year

she's 100% okay, i called my sister that we were visiting who is training to be a paramedic and explained that had happened. She went through a checklist of did she vomit , cry straight away, blackout at all etc all of which she didn't so it relived some of the stress. We kept an eye on her but honestly as soon as we got her to calm down initially all she wanted to do was play and have milk where she fell asleep on me again. My sister offered to come check on her but after going through everything on the phone and seeing how she was We didn't feel she needed to come over. Since this she hasn't seemed stiff anywhere, has since learned to run unaided and kick a ball and has been in general good form with no more falls so I think her noggin is okay

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