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Is screen time wrong for toddlers?

Hello! I’m new to this app and am a first time mom to a 15-month-old girl. I just want advice on what to do about tablets and cell phones with a toddler. My mom and husband like to put on baby videos (like twinkle, twinkle, ants go marching, peek-a-boo, etc) for my daughter and she is getting hooked on them. I’m not a fan of tablets/phones for babies/kids, but I know most people say it’s fine. It’s been two days that she’s been hooked on watching videos. She’ll cry to my mom or husband to put her baby videos to watch. I already said no more and part of me feels bad for doing so. It’s just not a good thing for them at this age in my personal views. Am I wrong for not allowing her to watch videos? She loves books and will bring us her books to read to her (even if it’s for a minute, lol) and I want to keep that going instead. Thank you! 😊
Is screen time wrong for toddlers?

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3 years ago

Kids under the age of 5 don’t have the cognitive ability to differentiate 2D Educational shows from real life experiences, there’s no educational difference in kids who watch all those programs and kids who don’t, at any age.

3 years ago

I don’t suggest it as it’s known to cause developmental delay, rapid eye movement, seizures and it takes away hands on interaction between child/mom. While it’s quite stimulating and convenient kids become so reliant on them that it’s almost necessity for them and they can’t go without one. So when you’re in public with them, at the doctors office or on vacation and batteries die or they misplace it lord forbid they have a full on tantrum. I have witnessed first hand this happening every time I go out anymore. So sad 😞 Now that being said if 30 mins to an hour a day you wanted to use the tablets/iPads with them as a teachable tool I’d recommend that. As it sets boundaries and they look forward to that mommy/me time.

4 years ago

I think you’re completely correct in not giving in. There have been so many studies on how screen time can be as addictive as cocaine. My child is not allowed to have any electronics. It makes me crazy when I see kids walking around with phones and iPads.

4 years ago

In my opinion, it’s better if you can hold off with screen time for long as you can. I’ve heard that it is toxic to babies when they are just developing. I don’t even watch tv... tbh. However, everyone has different opinions and do what suits them the best. Here is a link you can read that may help you decide if you want to continue with her screen time. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.littlethings.com/reasons-not-to-give-children-technology/amp/

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3 years ago

Thanks Lena, that was a very interesting article.

4 years ago

Too much is, yes. This is one reason so many kids fall behind.

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