4 years ago

Military moms

I’m in the Navy and I recently went Reserves status. However, I hate it and I want to go back on the active side. Any other mamas get a lot of backlash? Like your one job in life is to be a mom and how dare you want to pursue your career? I have a 3 year old & I’m an amazing mom. She is my entire world. But I want to be more than just a mom. I want her to view the world and realize that she can do anything that she wants too. I want to be that example for her.
Military moms

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18 days ago

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be a great mom and have a career. At the end of the day you have to do what is best for you and your family. No other opinions matter. Dual mil or single, hundreds of Navy families make it work everyday and raise happy, healthy kids that later learn the great sacrifice their Mom and Dad gave every day to serve this country. Don’t let anyone shame you for wanted to be a Mom and Sailor. I’m an LT so take it from me, you can do both. Get it girl!! 🎉

2 months ago

I'm all for having a career but if it's not family friendly then it aint for me. My kids still come first and they need their mum around

3 months ago

I’m in the Navy, and also active duty. I’ve done to deployments and I can guarantee you, it only gets harder. But good luck to you :)

4 months ago

My daughter is actually pursuing the Navy career. She’s in the navy sea cadet program. If I was better physically I would be pursuing it as well. You do you and pursue that career show that girl how awesome you are!

6 months ago

this photo is adorable, love that outfit your little girl has on. it’s absolutely classic ❤️

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