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Military moms

I’m in the Navy and I recently went Reserves status. However, I hate it and I want to go back on the active side. Any other mamas get a lot of backlash? Like your one job in life is to be a mom and how dare you want to pursue your career? I have a 3 year old & I’m an amazing mom. She is my entire world. But I want to be more than just a mom. I want her to view the world and realize that she can do anything that she wants too. I want to be that example for her.
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While I’m not active military. I have always been a working mom. I think being a working mom in a military community is hard, because most of the mil spouse are stay at home moms. Nothing wrong with that either. But it’s important for me to keep my career. I’m lucky enough that i work remotely for my global tech company. It has its downside though, because it makes it a lot harder to make friends. Most activity geared toward spouses are for during the day, when i have to work. And i have young kids still, so it makes it even harder. I would say, if you need more, go back active duty. My sister was dual military and she made it work. I think key is to have a supportive family. Husband and extended family on board. Not everyone has that ability to have family members fly in, if someone has to go on a deployment or business trips... but finding Your tribe, you can make it work. I honestly wouldn’t listen to these nay sayers. Often times, i fee they will have something negative to say because they unhappy.

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Happy Mom= Happy Kids. I don’t have any experience of having children while in the military or my mom being in the military BUT my mom worked full-time, went to school and did so much for her family as a working mother. I’m a sahm and I do a lot for my family as well. I think your daughter will look up to you as I looked up to my mom. When you have a strong mother, it helps you know that you can accomplish anything. There is no right or wrong way to raise your children, just different. And I think as long as your daughter sees how hard you work and the great things you accomplish, she will understand and love you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, you’re an amazing mom even if you don’t stay at home

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I completly understand how you feel. I was active army for many many years. And my best friends husband said i was a horrible mom for leaving my son with my mom & family during deployments. I was floored. And it stung. It still hurts today and probably always will but it did not hurt him in any way. He grew up stronger and more respectful then other kids around him. He is now 19 and preparing to go to basic himself. The worst pain i have ever had was being away but it strengthened our family because i was doing what i loved. If i stayed home with a job i was not happy in.. he would have saw and learned to settle for less then he wants or deserves. Do what makes you feel whole, so he can learn the same from you. 🤗

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I’m going through this too, I’m in the process of going navy reserves but I want to go active...

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My husband keeps talking me out of it because he’s active and he said oh well if you go active our son will never be with us at the same time as much

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Don’t do Reserves. Run. It’s horrible. Active duty is the way to go.

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I think having an identity is important - not everyone is going to make their life cater to the SAHM aspirations. That's totally okay, don't let anyone make you feel bad. Plenty of us have husband's in the military who are still able to love and support their family - and they don't get any slack. It shouldn't be any different for a woman. Is your daughters father in the picture, are you guys together? What does he do? Will he be able to be with her if you do get on deployment. I think your daughter will be ultimately happier knowing her mum doesn't have unfulfilled wishes and potential resentment from putting your personal ambitions aside to play house indefinitely. Taking care of you plays a large role in your ability to take care of others. In a couple years she'll be spending half her day in school too so it won't be so bad with the daycare aspect of it. There is nothing wrong with a SAHD if that can fit into the picture to support you. Mine hopes to for our last kiddie once he retires from the CG.

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