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My experience with Getting out

Last week I felt so embarrassed and anti- social at this reading event for Infants and toddler's. Let me tell you my reason why: 1. I haven't made any new friends since my daughter was born so I suck at talking to people now. 2. My daughter's 6.5 months and there was no other babies there her age or around her age. 3. I'm a young mother about to be 22 and they were all older so I felt like I didn't fit in at all. 4. I'm a mom who loves to dress my daughter and me up so I was wearing high heel boots which are my favorite. 5. I just sat with my daughter on my lap feeling awkward since No one said Hi I just stood back. 6. I'm not married just in a relationship with my daughter's father. 7. it's hard for me to find friends because I can be outspoken. Now I leave my post with this question: Have anyone in here dealt with having a hard time finding friends after having a baby? and how did you fix this issue?
My experience with Getting out

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6 months ago

I hear you. Im a young mum. Im 37 but i dont look it nor i dress that way. I cant connect to mums my age as i feel like a lot are " very mumsy" with their outlook and how they dress to what music they like. I had my kid when a lot of my friends had kids who are way older and then i moved away cos my marriage failed so we lost touch. I had 2 best friends and we dont talk anymore really which i saw coming. One lives in spain so a different life etc and other 2h drive from me but she lived in that town all her life and all her friends are there so dont think she misses me that much. She came to visit last year and i paid for our hotel room. This year not sure it will happen as she hasnt suggested it plus im 4 months pregnant now. Reading some comments here was bit of a relief cos with so many " connections" here i talk to no one. People dont say hi after u say hi or dont bother replying at all after a while. Its so strange to me. I ld love a friend but not virtually as real life chats are so important

7 months ago

Def dont feel paranoid bout ur age trust me it works the otherway 2 im a older mum and i feel all are younger mums. Totally get the socialising struggle. Its hard enough anyway but when ur sleep deprived and out of sync with whats happening in world outside ur four walls can be so daunting. Just take reassurance in the fact that all mums have felt like this or do ferl like this at some point. Being a mum is a tough task. I just try and go with it. At groups if i get tslking to other mums great but if i dont which i dont always i just see it as at least we got out of house n little one got chance 2 play xx

9 months ago

I had this when my oldest was 15months old and I'd just had my middle child. The baby groups were full of little cliques and i felt as welcome as a fart in a lift. Plus I had the opposite everyone was younger and i was the oldest there. Literally no-one said hi so i plucked up the courage to leave and as i did i told them all that i felt the least welcome I'd ever felt anywhere and that if i had a choice between coming back and having a smear I'd be legs akimbo quicker than you can say 'awkward silence'.

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1 year ago

I have a two year and I’m 34 year old and I have a hard time making friends. I take me daughter to the park and I play with her and other mom talk I feel alone

1 year ago

As an 'older' mum please know nobody is judging you😊we're all struggling at times and it's hard to just socialise cos baby comes 1st..being a mum is hard work regardless how old you are. Being a mum makes you a frigging rockstar no matter who you are! You don't need to be married motherhood is a blessing however it comes about. I dress me and baby girl up all the damn time haha if anyone has an issue with it they can suck an egg! It's hard to be a mum and connect with other mums people are just as shy and just as nervous as you half the time which is why they don't introduce themselves don't take it personally. I'm outspoken too which is fine if people are over sensitive that's a them problem not yours! Be you be the great mum you already are. xx

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