Preschool Plans?

Hello, fellow mama’s! I am wondering how many of you are already sending and/or planning to send your 2 y/o to daycare or preschool. I’m in Toronto and thinking if we sent our boy Montessori would be a good fit but as I’m doing my search I’m realizing all are waitlist accepting. High demands! I know that toddlers up to 3 years of age learn so much and build security staying with parents but I wanted to plan ahead for when we decide it’s right time for him to go…despite covid scares. Any thoughts or experiences shared appreciated big time. And Happy 2nd Birthday to all February 2020 babies in the group! 🎈
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My husband and I send our daughter to daycare. It was really very difficult for us because we just wanted to keep her home and safe. She started when she was 18 months old. Honestly, she loves it and enjoys going! Her daycare teachers are impressed by what we have taught her at home, and we are impressed by what she has learned while there. The only downfall, atleast for us, is that being exposed to so many other children means she has a frequently runny nose!

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