Hi guys I'm new to this app

My son has just turned one month old and although he's well disciplined and relaxed 😎 he is now starting to give me an aditude followed by bossy and demanding behavior but get this when his dad's around he cries like I've hurt him and mumbles to his dad while looking at me 🥺so much for Mama's boy he is now making it clear dads the faviourate how did this happen😳
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To be honest I haven’t used it much. My daughter is 5 weeks old and I’m still living day by day. I love to idea to connect with other mums. When the time is right, I will get out there and meet them. For now, I’m mostly home 😊 how are you doing?

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Yeah Same I'm a new mom with no help through my pregnancy so I still have a lot to learn everyday with my 1month , I use this app to look for advice because I'm someone that overthinks small things it's comforting when I see something my son does that a lot of woman speak of it being normal healthy it makes me feel better I'm doing well how about you

Hi mama! What a lovely boy xx

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Thank you , how do you like the app so far I think it's alsome there's so much comfort and positivity

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