4 years ago

Nervous about labor

Tell me some positive birthing stories and give me tips to stay calm? My dr has told me baby is measuring full term and could come anytime and I'm getting increasingly nervous about the pain. I'm a total wuss when it comes to pain
Nervous about labor

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3 years ago

I had a nice experience. It was 24 hours before I gave birth and only felt pain for like the last 5. Even tho only half my body took the epidural the pain was bearable. It’s all worth it when you hear and see your little sunshine. And when you hold him or her that’s it you forget everything. So be calm keep your mind entertained keep people around you who bring out the best in you and know you will soon be holding your peanut.

3 years ago

I had an amazing birth experience. My day began with a check-up and we ended up going to the hospital. I planned on having any and all pain killer drugs available stuffed into my body oh, but that is just my choice I don't know yours. When I was in triage they told me I needed to walk around for two hours, when the contractions got bad, too bad for me, I walked into triage. I was given fentanyl immediately and then was calmely able to wait for my anesthesiologist to administer the epidural. That was also incredibly easy I did not feel a thing. I watch Disney movies I had a wonderful time. The actual pushing took about an hour for me. The epidural doesnt take away the pressure and it can be painful. It feels like you have to poop really really badly but if you don't stop or you have your partner help you then when it's over you honestly don't remember anything and you never do again. I loved every single second of it. Don't be nervous. Be prepared to make changes to your plan and you'll be fine and happy.

3 years ago

I am also terrified because I don’t handle pain well! This thread is helpful and encouraging. I’m due in about 1-2 weeks at the end of April, eek! Congrats to the moms who made it through!

3 years ago

This is why i am choosing to have a c section. I can NOT get over the fear of pushing a kid out of my vag. Just the thought of it makes it hard to breath. Also a huge huge wuss and have zero tolerance to pain. Atleast with a c section they can give me pain meds till i recover.

3 years ago

I had the epidural after being induced because I wasn’t progressing quick enough, honestly loved it. I felt all the pressure of the baby coming out and a tiny bit of pain when he was crowing but it was amazing. It really is an unreal experience and I hope I get to do it all again xx

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