Getting Baby to drink water

Has anyone got any tips on how to get your baby to drink water during meal times? I feel my little one is thirsty but not hungry for her bottle while eating her solids
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My little boy was the same we just kept offering water at every mealtime like leaving it beside him and letting him take it and play around with it and now he just takes it and drinks it. The health nurse said not to stress as they get their water through their daily formula bottles as I was the same stressing that he wasn’t having enough water. Hope that helps,

What worked for me was squeezing a tiny bit of an orange into the water at first (like one piece of a small mandarin), he needed more motivation to drink 😂 gave him an extra taste that he liked and when he got used to drinking from the cup I stopped putting the orange and he didn't even notice 😊

Oh okay thanks. I might try the new cup trick. I'm just afraid that I'm not getting enough fluids into her.

Oh also sometimes he likes to have milk right after solid food, so I give him like 1/3 of his usual bottle size, just for a bit of hydration

I have this problem as well ... My boy just doesn't want to drink water, as soon as he takes first sip and feels it's water he refuses to drink it. Been researching it online and most mums say try different types of cups as it sometimes helps or be patient and keep proposing the water as some of the babies catch that at later stage

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