End of Maternity Leave Countdown thoughts!

This is my last week of maternity leave and it’s bittersweet. I’m sad I’m having to leave my son but happy he will be bonding with his dad for two weeks before starting daycare where he will learn so much! My son has already been attending daycare and it’s a huge relief that I found an awesome place for him. I’ve been mentally preparing myself for my return to work and have been so realistic about how it will all work out to relieve any anxiety. I’m sure I’ll get emotional at some point but so far I’m feeling pretty good. I’m super grateful for the full 5 months I’ve been able to share with my baby watching him grow, learn and doing so many fun things together including our recent trip to the park, meeting a cool peanut mom and her son and enjoying our frequent library visits. For all the moms having to soon return to work, focus on enjoying your time with your babies! I think it will help with the transition. Good luck to all the mommas out there!❤️
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I’m not ready to go back yet. I’m going to miss my baby boy. How did handle leaving their LO and going back to work. I go back on the 17th

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Yeah my son refuses to stay on schedule

End of maternity leave really sucks because you have to do what you do normally before you became a mom and what you need to do as a mom for the first week you’ll always be worried and concerned and miss a few things both at home and at work but with time all goes away but it’s a big step initially for new moms mostly.

I go back the beginning of May and am not looking forward to it. I love the ladies I work with but I’m really enjoying being at home with my kids.

I was really excited to go back to work because I was going crazy just sitting at home all day by myself...at least at work I could eat/drink coffee/socialize. I did have an emotional breakdown that first week but my day care is awesome and took tons of pictures/videos and FaceTimed me every day those first few weeks. I miss him a lot but it makes my time with him sweeter now that we’re not around each other 24/7, day care pick up is like a joyful reunion every afternoon even if he was driving me crazy that morning 🙂 Good luck! Being a working mom is tough but there are a lot of benefits to it (at least I felt that way for my family’s situation).

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Aww yeah im hoping I will survive without the emotional rollercoaster but I’m bracing myself. But I think I’m feeling like you described, it’ll be a much more refreshing and joyful reunion when I’m home from work. I’m a firm believer that a healthier mom who has a mental physical break makes for a much happier parent.

Thanks for the positivity! I too am enjoying my last week. Trying to stay positive too as bittersweet as it is. Just hope that I’ll be able to manage my time well in the office and at home. 😁

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Good luck on your first week Diana! I’m hoping for the same. Going to set the expectation with my team that I’ll be unavailable for late email replies. I’m trying to be fully present as a mom when I’m home.

Hi Maria I will be returning back to work in May and I am still looking for a good day care for my baby. She will be 2 months when I go back can you recommend any day cares or places that are affordable in the San Jose area please. Thank you.❤️

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Hi Elizabeth, congrats on your baby girl. Eek, unfortunately I don’t know of any on that side of town. The daycare I’m taking my son to is on the high end price and in West San Jose. It’s about $1600 a month but it’s a great home daycare! If you’re interested I can message you the owners contact info.

Happy return to work... You most have put on weight

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Not sure what you mean about the second part of your comment? 🤔

Uh yeah, not sure what that’s supposed to mean

I go back at the end of April and am dreading every second. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to sustain it - my job is very demanding and I don’t want to miss special moments with my daughter. But I’m going to go back and try it for a month. Worse comes to worse I can always find something else perhaps part time. Nothing is permanent. I can go back and change my mind. But I can’t quit and change my mind. So....here we go...😭😭😭

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Thanks, Maria. Yes priorities are different now and they will have to understand that.

I can totally relate. I work in operations and it can be very demanding. I used to check my email and instant messenger at all times of the day and explained to my workplace I just can’t do that anymore when I’m at home at least for the first few months. We shall see how it goes. Hopefully for you, your workplace is willing to work with you and you are right, if worse come to worse there are always other opportunities :)

I kept a picture on my desk and every time I got a chance was looking at pictures of her on my phone. Lol I was so obsessed, still am. Don’t worry, it will get easier with time just like most things 💝good luck

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Good idea with the photo! Thank you!

I’ve been back from maternity leave for about a month now. The first couple weeks were good and then by week 3 the workload caught up with me and I ended up having a meltdown in my boss’s office 😬 we discussed solutions for my stress and came up with a better plan for managing work and pumping, and it’s been a lot better since then. I’m so thankful for a supportive workplace and for something that breaks up my days a little more than staying at home. ❤️ it will be hard but good.

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That’s great to know you were able to be open with your boss and have a good support system there. I’ll keep posted on how it goes!

I’m going into my last week of maternity leave too! Then my husband is staying home for 4 weeks for his paternity leave. It’s bittersweet for sure and great advice to focus on the positive.

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Good luck to you mama! Cheers and hopeful that all goes smooth with this transition. :)

:( I'm so afraid to be all done mat leave .

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I know I was too but trying to focus on the positive and thinking I’m going to give my son better opportunities.

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