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5 years ago

Maternal Mental Health stigma?☁️

Hey mamas. I’ve seen a lot of posts recently about mental health, depression and anxiety related to becoming a mama. Do you think more needs to be done to help new mothers talk about mental health? Should we be able to talk about it more openly? What was your experience?
Maternal Mental Health stigma?☁️

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6 months ago

100%. my post natal depression was awful and my ex didnt understand me. I wish new dads had classes to attend where they were explained from a male point of view on whats going on with our body changes, hormones and mind. When i told people i got counselling you can tell by their reaction they thought i was not right in my mind or something. People need to educate themselves but so little do it

9 months ago

Hey mama! I can relate to having anxiety. It's not something anyone should joke about or not take seriously. I ended up having post partum depression after I gave birth a year ago. It's a tough time I'm your life and us moms need support, no negativity.

1 year ago

Nobody told me about postpartum depression, so I didn’t know the signs. I’m a bit scared for this second pregnancy, but at least this time around I have a therapist.

1 year ago

Since having a second c sec I am feeling overwhelmed and highly emotional about everything. And My partner is lacking somewhat the emotional support I need because there is no one else I have around to talk about what I am going through. He understands that there are adjustments to be made for a short term period and that he’s doing what he can and he’s able to in holding down everything else like our 13 month old, cooking, cleaning etc and I am conscious I don’t want to add my emotional state of mind of top of that but I am struggling. I am finding my self crying all the time, still in pain because it’s only been a week since the section, I don’t feel bonded to my baby yet (I know I am physically but I am looking at him just like he’s a baby and rather than here is my son that I’ve prayed for)... I sound so unappreciative as ungrateful I know... but I am trying to work around it. I don’t know what to do 😞.

2 years ago

I got put in hospital on a mother and baby unit for postnatal psychosis xx

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