4 years ago

Sleeping on stomach

So a few days ago I’ve been trying to get my baby use to not sleeping in a swaddle since he can now roll over from back to front. But he refuses to sleep in his crib. So I put him in our bed. And he likes to roll over onto his stomach and sleep but I don’t really see him roll from front to back.. he’s 5 months in a few days and can hold his head pretty good but I just want to make sure that it’s fine for him to sleep on his stomach now.. (first time mommy)
Sleeping on stomach

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2 years ago

I'm letting my 2 month old sleep on his stomach for daytime naps because his head was getting flat on one side. I just monitor him and he sleeps long.

3 years ago

My niece has slept on her stomach since infancy. As long as you monitor their head movement and patterns... it all depends on baby 💙 she is 10 months now and still a tummy sleeper.

4 years ago

Hi there early childhood educator here start him on his back when you put him down if he can roll on his own and does hes fine just let him do the rolling.

4 years ago

All my babies slept on their tummy from early on. They sleep soooooo good and longer periods of time that way. As long as he is on a flat sheet (no thick and fuzzy blankies) and knows how to turn his little head from side to side then he should be fine! Of course just keep a close eye on him the first few times if you want to make sure. I remember barely sleeping with my first cause I was watching him all night to be sure but he’s 8 now so he turned out fine lol Oh and if he uses a pacifier, even better cause sucking “reminds” them to breathe. And according to lot of studies, reduce the risk of SIDS Good luck and happy sleeping!!

4 years ago

He will be fine, he’ll know to move his head during sleep. My daughter would do that too

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