Bad mental health day

Was meant to go help my partner with his mum and her shop but ended up crying my eyes out because I'm so stressed right now. 26 weeks pregnant and hormones are crazy. Moved to my partner's hometown where I know barely anyone and living rent free with his mum on the conditions that we cook and clean. Bubs is due in 3 months so we really need to be getting settled now into our own place.
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Yeah it is a lot of change.. totally normal! 🌤☀️ it will be fine ❣️

Sorry babe ! Take it one day at a time you got this it’s okay not to be okay sending a big virtual hug ❤️

I am so sorry! It’s so much drastic change and very difficult. Mamma hugs ! Just know it will get better it’s like starting over but you may have some of the best friendships and experience there! I hope you have a good support system there

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