Night weaning

Any tips or advice on night weaning? I’m a single mom so there isn’t anyone else I can send in for just comfort. He wants to nurse back to sleep every time he wakes up. I don’t believe in letting him cry it out for more than like five minutes.
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I’m just seconding what a lot of mommas are saying. Just listen to your little one. At about 4 months in I decided that I couldn’t keep up with all of the different books and advice on breastfeeding and sleeping, so I decided to just do what I felt like she needed. We went through phases, going from one night feeding to waking up once without needing any boob time, to waking up and needing all the comfort in the world and not going to sleep for two hours, back to one wake up a night needing no boob time, and now (she is 9 months) we get about half nights with her sleeping through the night and the other half with one wake up and I only breastfeed her if she is particularly out of sorts. Also remember they will need to eat more during growth spurts and the need more comfort during the mental developmental leaps.

My pediatrician made me feel like a criminal for wishing my 6 month old would sleep through the night. Then at 9 months, they were worried that he wasn’t sleeping through the night 🙄 I couldn’t win! I don’t do cry it out well at all either. I say, you know your baby & what he needs best. I let it go on too long, but it finally ended on its own organically. That worked for me. My pediatrician, of course, hated that plan. But not once did she offer to come spend the night & help me 🤔

If he wants to nurse then let him 🤷🏻‍♀️it’s about more than just eating

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I totally agree. The pediatrician just made me feel a bit funny about it.

Every baby is different. My pediatrician’s nurse told me my two month old should be sleeping 6 hours at a time at night but he usually wakes up after four to nurse. Like yeah maybe formula fed babies will sleep that long before their belly wakes them up but their bodies digest breast milk so fast

if its too stressful . maybe try formula just before bed . or give him a binky?

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