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At two months? Is this possible? My little guy keeps chewing on his hand and his pacifier instead of sucking on it, is drooling so much, won’t take naps all of a sudden, wants to nurse CONSTANTLY, and is so so soooooo fussy. His daddy and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with our precious boy! 😭 picture added for cuteness overload
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I’ve heard of babies who where born with a tooth! So really at any time they can be teething but at 2 months is when the saliva glands pick up and you will notice a difference in your lo cuz of it. I think my 4 month old is teething now. Super fussy wants to chew on everything and when he feeds I can tell he’s uncomfortable when the nipple is pressed down on his gums

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Teeth start rumbling round early altho they may not pop through but they can feel them moving.

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It can happen any time really. So I’ve seen. My son was teething at 3 months, so I believe it.

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All of those are normal for babies to do at that age, but he could be teething as well. That’s why it’s always hard to tell lol

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