• Michelle
  • ENG, GB
  • 10 months ago

Do you share pics of your little peanuts on social media? Have seen celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta Jones getting a lot of bad press for sharing. Do you share?

  • H
  • Westminster, United States
  • 9 months ago

For sharing with my family, I have a Shared Album in the Photos app on my iPhone.

  • M
  • The Colony, United States
  • 9 months ago

I actually don’t have Facebook or IG for personal reasons, spent way too much time on it. I only have Snapchat and I only post pictures of her feet or hands or back of her head but I will send pictures of her to family and friends but they all know I don’t want her pictures on social media my main reason is just for privacy since I’m not even on Facebook I don’t want my baby girl on there.

  • V
  • 9 months ago

I hardly share pictures of my kids I’ve overheard many times people making comments about others kids so I’d rather keep them more private

  • S
  • Ogden, United States
  • 9 months ago

I have a group the share photos of my daugter for family and friends

  • S
  • Maywood, United States
  • 9 months ago

I post pictures of my baby, but my profiles are all private and I only have actual friends and family on there

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