Do you share pics of your little peanuts on social media? Have seen celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Catherine Zeta Jones getting a lot of bad press for sharing. Do you share?

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I will share photos but I won't go crazy. I think that it's more of a convenient thing for me due to all my family either being out of state or country

For sharing with my family, I have a Shared Album in the Photos app on my iPhone.

I actually don’t have Facebook or IG for personal reasons, spent way too much time on it. I only have Snapchat and I only post pictures of her feet or hands or back of her head but I will send pictures of her to family and friends but they all know I don’t want her pictures on social media my main reason is just for privacy since I’m not even on Facebook I don’t want my baby girl on there.

I hardly share pictures of my kids I’ve overheard many times people making comments about others kids so I’d rather keep them more private

I have a group the share photos of my daugter for family and friends

I post pictures of my baby, but my profiles are all private and I only have actual friends and family on there

I do on Instagram but my Instagram is private so only people I accept can see what I post.

I use an app called Tinybeans. I love it because it reminds you to post and it works for family that's not on social media. Anyone who sees photos are invitation only via email and they get daily, weekly or monthly newsletters of the photos I've posted. They can also download the app and follow your page. My favorite thing about it is that they say they're a free photo hosting site, but do not claim rights or ownership over your content like FB did. Anything online is there forever, but this company feels a little more on my side with privacy. Plus having a backup in case phones get stolen or something is nice because I feel like I never print these photos.

I created separate social media accounts for my little one and made it so that only close friends and family can follow/be friends with

I share pictures, But I have 2 Instagrams, personal & family. I don't use Facebook much.

I share but my facebooks posts and pictures are so private only friends that I’ve added can see

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This is what I do. It's the best of both worlds. 😃

I don't share on FB or IG but I do on Snapchat. I use my IG as an artist page as well as personal so it is public and I have a lot of old "friends" on FB...I just don't want ppl I don't care about able to save pics of my kid. Jus how I feel. Snapchat I am only friends with close people to idc. Also, the whole consent thing haha. I highly suggest 23Snaps app I use it daily for my fam n friends!

My baby has more followers than me lol. Seriously social media is my business and I share my life to inspire other moms to take control of their lives and design their future how they want. And my baby is the center of my universe so I share her pictures there all the time and she has so many people that love her it’s incredible. I respect everyone’a decisions about their kids cause it’s their lives but in my case I feel it just makes others happy to see my happy baby being a happy happy baby. They even share with their kids and tell me.

Nope!too many child molesters/ rapist preying on kids and a lot of them use social media as their facilitator! 😒

I used to but went through my Facebook and deleted them all - then later ended up deleting Facebook altogether because of the security issues. I use an app called 23snaps to share with my friends and family.

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I used to for Family to see but things happened now I don't want pics anywhere of baby x

I share my son all the time. He’s a part of my life so that means he will be ok my page. However my husband doesn’t ever post he or I on his page because he prefers to use his social media for his business. Lol so his friends and family have to follow me to see updates on piglet.

I share pictures of my daughter on fb, my husband too. Friends and family need permission below they do so and we have to be tagged to the image. We do have rules... no without nappy showing and NO NIPPLES. The rules are more for my daughter when she's older than anything else lol

I Never will, internet is not a safe place in my opinion .

there is nothing wrong with posting pictures of your baby online. i understand people are different and wouldn’t do it, which is FINE. but i never understood why people feel the need to talk down on someone for posting pictures of their baby ITS THEIRS. i personally LOVE posting pictures of my baby because i have friends and family who can’t come visit and i want them to see her grow! it’s no secret that i had a baby so why should she be a secret? let them see!

I share pics/videos of my son sometimes on Facebook but am picky about who I friend. I only friend someone if I know them personally. I don’t share any pics of my son in a vulnerable position: naked (or partially naked, not even shirtless), crying, etc. I’m not only concerned about internet creeps but about the fact that he will grow up having certain things shared about him, and I don’t want his involuntarily social media presence to hurt him in any way in the future. So I’m also picky about what I post about him, for example I try not to complain too much, or talk about his bowel movements, or anything that could be embarrassing down the line. We have a WhatsApp chat going with the family where we share anything and everything, privately.

I personally don’t share pictures like everyday or keep them on Instagram I like to keep my family life private and when I do post it I delete it after I saw many parents do it but I think keeping it private is better

Only on this app! I haven't posted pictures anywhere else, guess I feel a bit more comfortable when it's just an app full of moms!

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I'm sorry you had to deal with that! Thankfully it hasn't happened to me yet. The world can be a crazy place, no where on the 'internet' is 100 percent safe!

Its not 100 percent safe ive seen many weirdo men in here talking dirty showing inappropriate pics and talking scarey

Very rarely and only because it's the only way my family can see photos. They live in the middle of BFE Minnesota and some still use home phones over cell phones. I only allow family and very close friends on my FB otherwise everything is private and old albums and photos I set to only visible to me.

I only do on Instagram stories, but not so often. My profile is private and I have only people I know following me. I wouldn't post my baby's photos anywhere, because I feel it's a violation of his little human rights - he can't consent to anything so I think it's not right to spread his image online. Plus, you never know how all pics you post on social media are used and what for and who has access to them 🤷

We didn't share a picture of our son untill he was 2 months old. Just wanted time to have him all to ourselves for a bit.

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I did the same i wanted my baby girl all to my self. Just last week I put her pic as my dp in WhatsApp.

In my opinion it's a form of child exploitation, nothing wrong n sharing pics if its family to family, posting them online however its exposing an innocent child to God knows who, I've knowing mums to post pics of their nude kids at a paddling pool on their fb, those kinda pics r so innocent and private and dont need to b seen by the whole world, once u post photos it's out of your hands, people can screenshot, share, do whatever and u dont know and u also have no control, children r so vulnerable they should b protected and it's their right to b protected, fb isn't as private as many think aswell as other media sites

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