3 years ago

Screen time for kiddos 📱🚨🙊

Do you have strict guidelines or rules for your kiddos around screen time? Do you limit use of phones or iPads a little, or maybe altogether?
Screen time for kiddos 📱🚨🙊
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2 months ago

I have Ms. Rachel playing in the background in my house. Also my older child has a tablet, but he only has educational games on there now. We do go outside and take walks or I take them to the park. It’s a balance of tech and outside play and sometimes just tech.

5 months ago

As a single mom, my 8 month old gets a good amount of screen time, bc I don’t really have the luxury of asking someone to care for him while I get things done. He’s so smart and independent, but I still make sure to spend a lot of time with him and interact with him which he absolutely loves. I think it’s safe to say that he’s ok and gets a lot of attention and freedom to just explore new things (:

9 months ago

My boys have no limit on their screen time. My three boys are autistic also so screen time helps them regulate themselves. I will not feel ashamed to say it because my children are unique and need different things to help them have a calm environment. I will never limit screen time for them as it helps them out. Putting a limit on screen time for an autistic person is detrimental and you will deal with more meltdowns (not tantrums).

9 months ago

I have never said no screen time. As a stay at home mum I want something to watch while I iron or just something to remind me of what adults sound like whilst I do things. So we always have quiz shows or the news related shows on in the background of a day time. Sometimes I may put on BSL sign zone as I'm using BSL with baby. However I still do 2 hours tummy time, 30 mins sensory play, a walk with an hour at the park, 6 bottles of milk, snack time, dinner time, bedtime routine with story's every day. And once a week is soft play, massage session (I try encorperate daily) yoga, to the grandparents and great grandparents (they have the same TV related rules) No use of technology for actual baby but he is 6 months. Unless it's to aid learning he's a child be doesn't need it.

9 months ago

Before my son came to this world, I was a no screen time before 2 parent. I knew the negative effects of screen time. I thought I will never have to resort to screen time. He is 21 months now and autistic. Screen time is the ONLY way to get him to eat because of his sensory issues. Sometimes, it’s the only thing that calms him down when he has a meltdown in public and nothing seems to work. I get a lot of judgemental stares whenever I resort to screen time so that I can get the groceries done or to keep him still in his stroller but I have no choice. I try to limit it as much as I can. Just wanna say the next time us parents see another parent using screen time, please empathise because you don’t know their story or struggles.

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9 months ago

I understand this completely. I have three autistic boys and I am also autistic. This type of thing makes us feel bad as parents because of what people say about it. It helps regulate our children and myself and we will △⃒⃘lways need it compared to an allistic child/adult who doesn’t. Our kids are unique and deserve unique care.

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