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Screen time for kiddos πŸ“±πŸš¨πŸ™Š

Do you have strict guidelines or rules for your kiddos around screen time? Do you limit use of phones or iPads a little, or maybe altogether?
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Our child is 6 yr old and he has limited time on his IPad. Of course, it also depends on the schedule for that day as to how much time he has to be on it. We have set a timer on the IPad, as to what time it shuts off and our child can't turn it back on without the password and our permission! We also don't allow the use of electronics while we are eating, however the TV will be on for some background noise! 😊😊

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  • 2 days ago

My son is two and a half. I let him watch TV in the morning while we get ready for work and school for about half an hour. I let him watch TV when we get home for about another half an hour while I prepare dinner. After dinner there is no TV he can only play with this toys or I can read them books or we can sing or whatever I just don't want him on a screen before bedtime. I don't like him grabbing my phone and looking at videos that close to his face so that's something I don't do and he doesn't necessarily ask me for my phone cuz he knows it's not for him.

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  • 3 days ago

Well my 2 oldest kids go to school so when they are done with homework and eating dinner I allow them to play and watch til they get bored and I see they do fine and listen to everything I say and I just put parental control so I know they are watching kids toys

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My daughter does not have an iPad. She watches tv every now and then but over time she’s become attracted to playing with her toys and art over screen time. Which is great. I do give her my phone in the car ONCE in a while. She understands the boundaries at this point. She even refuses screen time when offered to her at times.

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  • NC, US
  • 18 days ago

My kids are young. Two and two months but we don't watch tv or use any screens. I also do my best to not be on my phone in front of my kids. I take the occasional picture of them but I generally leave my phone in another room. I respond to texts and missed calls during naptime or after bedtime.

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