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  • Aliso Viejo, United States
  • 17 days ago

Teething baby

Hey mamas, do y’all have any tips on how to soothe a teething baby? My baby girl cries in her sleep,and it’s the most heartbreaking thing. Plus I’m losing sleep, feeling like a zombie after getting up 6 or 7 times to rock her back to sleep.
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  • Sterling, United States
  • a day ago

Hyland’s Baby teething tablets are a lifesaver! Available at target, Walgreens or amazon

  • R
  • Centreville, United States
  • 14 days ago

Gripe water... between constipation, gas, upset stomach, teething, unknown fussiness, gripe water has been a life saver for my little one! It’s a natural non-prescription remedy. 🙂

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  • Atlanta, United States
  • 16 days ago

Wellements organic tooth oil, cold teething toys, my homemade teething Biscuits

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  • Hailsham, UK
  • 16 days ago

Anbesol liquid . Game changer .

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  • San Angelo, United States
  • 16 days ago

Dip your finger in whiskey and rub it on your baby’s gums

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