Pumping first timer seeking some help

Hey this is my first time posting, i have no one in my life to ask for help so im hoping some of you ladies can 🤍 Im 22 weeks with my third, my first two were exclusively formula fed. This time, im thinking i want to pump, but still bottle feed (just personal preference, no hate please). But i have no idea what im looking at when it comes to pumps. Can anyone recommend a good, user friendly one. Preferably a decent price range, im in Canada so no insurance Also, my nipples are pierced... Is it best to remove them or is it possible to still pump? Any other tips would be appreciated 🤍
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You’ll probably have to remove your piercings but spectras and medelas are always good choices.

Just saw you’re in Canada, not sure what the process is there. In the US, we typically get a free pump through insurance. I went with the spectra pump that is rechargeable. The one that plugs in was free but I paid the difference so I could move around. I liked it enough.

You’ll prob have to remove your piercings the spectra is great & I would read up on the Medela pump I think some are different then others in regards to strength insurance gives a free one

I didn’t go through insurance and bought a lansinoh pump and it worked great the 10 months I EP for my daughter. I also enjoyed learning from exclusivepumping.com and she’s also on Instagram.

@Kayla did you get the recommendations you were looking for? If you are still looking feel free to shoot me a PM.

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