No dummy or dummy ?

Has anyone or is anyone currently going through the transition period of their baby/toddler going without their dummy ? My daughter lost her last night we cannot find it anywhere so I wasn’t planning to go through this period for a little while longer. But last night we had the most rough & emotional night because all she wanted was her dummy I was able to finally settle her and get her back to sleep. She hasn’t gone without her dummy since being a baby she’s now 2 so last night was tough for her & I felt terrible that I couldn’t give her what comforts her, question is do I persist and go without or go out her a new one & let her be. I did want to transition slowly but it’s happened now & I’m unsure of what to do. I’m just wondering is there any key tips for this stage ? Any help will be appreciated 😊
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Gosh that’s a hard one. My son is 2.5 and loving his dummy. I would go out and get a new one myself.

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