Ladies are your little ones in crèche? What kind of hours are ye doing and how are ye finding it?
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😂😂 I doubt it is but I definitely feel ya! Last year my daughter caught chicken pox, slapped cheek, hand foot and mouth literally back to back. She was in I think 4 days out of a 5 week period and of course we were paying for the whole time she was at home. It's painful but I think it's just the way it is until they build up their immunity. She's in there now about 1.5 years and thankfully she hasn't been properly sick in ages (but still picking up sniffles about every 6 weeks). Hopefully it'll all calm down soon for ye 🙏🙏

Hi Avril. My boy started two weeks ago. He's doing around 9 hours a day and getting on really well. Standard enough stuff that we experienced with his older sister.. bawls when I leave, picked up a shocking cold, is gasping with the thirst when he gets home in the evening and waking earlier than normal ... But all stuff that will settle in time. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact me directly? X

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Oh god were the same so, my 3 year old started in April and he’s been sick every two weeks since, brings it home to baby. I’m half convinced maybe the last time place must be dirty because there sick so often x

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