Egg Quality

Has anyone changed their diets or take vitamins that improved their egg quality?
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I took ovisitol twice a day!

I read it’s all about the egg and that’s helped me a lot. First round of IVF I got one good egg. And the second round I got 5 good eggs.

Yes, I did. I worked with a dietologist that specialises in fertility to help improve egg quality. Also minimised EDC that I was exposing my body to.

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What did your diet mainly consist of?

My diet was aimed at getting 3 serves of fruit and vegetables plus nuts, oats and using herbs and spices. She has done up fertility meal plans with recipes here I didn't use it religiously just enough to make a change in what I was giving to my body.

Ive taken all the supplements that Dr. Amie (the egg whisperer) suggest. She has a YouTube channel very informative

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