Foley Bulb Induction

Hello all! After a membrane sweep and two rounds of pessaries over the past 4 days, my cervix was still too closed to have my waters broken. So I just had a Foley Bulb Catheter fitted and I’m waiting another 24hrs in hospital. I’m not going to lie, it was very painful and I bled a lot. Needed a lot of gas and air and I’m very crampy now. But I feel optimistic and that this is making things happen without any more hormones. Just wondering if anyone else has had one and what your experience was?
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I was admitted Monday for induction I was 1cm before having pessary, after 24 hrs the pessary did nothing apart from slighty thin the cervix. I was having regular painless tightenings on the monitor so they wouldn't give me the gel. I was offered balloon on the Tuesday teatime, I had it in and didn't find it uncomfortable but have never found any examinations, sweeps etc painful but everyone is different. After being put in I got regular contractions for about an hour that stopped. It fell out by itself on Wednesday around 2pm (was due out at 5.45pm). I was checked and was 4cm with bulging waters and listed for delivery suite to have waters broken. I didn't go down to delivery till yesterday (Thursday) morning about 8am ish. When checked on there I was 2cm but they were about to break waters at 11.47. Had some irregular contractions and so the drip was started at 2pm. Started to feel regular painful contractions about 3pm (they like around 4 in every 10 mins)....

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Then turned off the drip at 4pm as I was finding I was having loads of pressure (my third child) and knew I was wanting to push, I knelt over the top of the bed (so much more comfy as was feeling it in my back) and had him at 4.17pm. So had just over 2 hours of contractions/pain but had taken my cervix 4 days to be able to have waters broken lol. My last labour was spontaneous and quick so I think that's why it was quick and I'm glad. So yes the balloon worked for me. Good luck and hope it all goes as quick for you as it did me at the end. Xx

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