Tantrums and not listening

Help! My little boy has just entered the world of tantrums. He throws himself on the floor and fake screams. It is embarrassing and I can't control it. What are some tips to controlling this without rewarding the behaviour in any way? For example distracting him with a positive ie food or toy? We are really starting to reconsider going out anywhere because it's just too much which then means my little girl, who is only 11 months old and an angel, is missing out. Any advice? Tips, sympathy or wine is welcomed!!
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I’ve learnt that with my 3 year old that when he would burst out I would offer a hug. 9 times out of 10 he would just want a cuddle and be great but sometimes I’d have to get down to eye level and tell him it’s okay to express feelings cause this is the age where they are learning about their feelings but agreed with Monique big little feelings are so good on Insta !!! Makes you realise that you can change the way you handle outbursts and it’s not just “terrible twos” and that they are learning new things everyday like we are learning new things about our children every day

Thank you

Hey Michelle, I follow Big Little Feelings on Instagram. She has HEAPS of posts on this and she does a course too. I think you might find it helpful. x

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