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Emotionally drained

I’m really struggling emotionally lately. I’m 26 weeks with my first and I feel so overwhelmed and I don’t know why. I just have this looming feeling that I have a “deadline” and I won’t get everything done in time. It’s hard to get out of my head and I just feel stressed, anxious, or depressed all day. I’m trying my best, it helps to focus on work, and I downloaded this yesterday in hopes that hearing from others would help too ❤️
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3 months ago

I felt the same way being pregnant with my first. I watched a lot of YouTube videos and over-prepared just out of nervousness really. Try to be happy, watch funny television shows or movies, taking walks and stretching helps too. This all helps the baby too. Also, I think you might be entering what they call the “nesting phase”. When you mentioned “deadline”, that reminded me of “nesting”. Enjoy the journey! I don’t know if you downloaded the Bump app. That helped me learn about what was happening to my body and the baby‘a development inside of me and what to expect. Feel free to PM me! My LO is almost 2 years old. This might sound crazy but I miss being pregnant. It was a new and exciting experience for me.

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Maybe try some meditation, reading books on hypnobirthing really helped me when i had this some feeling. I am now 36 weeks and feeling a bit better. Also helped when i got some of the nursery things sorted, may made feel that when bubs arrives, i have the things sorted and figure out baby as i go. Good luck!

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Thanks, I’ll definitely look that up 💜

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