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Just wanted to help you Mamas out at bedtime! 😴

https://www.popsugar.com/family/Best-Classic-Books-Toddlers-45963012 I found some great suggestions 👆🏼 What are your favorite bedtime reads for your kids? Would love to hear! ❣️
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Kissing Hand

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Treasury of songs by julia donaldson is one of my girls favourites and topsy and tim books, they are 3 and 4

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1q2xrw was we s s, A1 ,

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Books vary but my littles love when i sing "you are my sunshine". My singing sucks but they still love it. 🥰🧑🧒

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Goodnight Moon and after I read Goodnight World. Reading both to my 9 week old makes her yawn repeatedly. There’s something about those books and me using my calm voice that makes her sleepy. I swaddle her right beforehand and put her between the hubby and I on the bed and read to her. I’ll hold the book over her and she’ll look at the pictures... it melts us both to see her looking at the pages. She doesn’t fall asleep right away, but the books relax her for a while. ❤️

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