Just wanted to help you Mamas out at bedtime! 😴 I found some great suggestions 👆🏼 What are your favorite bedtime reads for your kids? Would love to hear! ❣️
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@Cathy read to your baby starting when they are a day old! It might not seem like they are paying attention, but they will love to hear the sound of your voice and be interested in the flip of the pages. My little one especially loved books that had shiny pictures.

When do you start reading to your baby

We read 3 stories a night. Two of which are the same every night at the moment haha my toddler loves "We're going on a bear hunt" and "bed time" (time for bed little mouse little mouse" reading best hunt first and bed time last we then have a new book for book two each night 😂


We read two books. It’s her favorite thing of bed time besides brushing her teeth. We read one and read “ Goodnight little blue truck” she loves it!

My boy loves the Llama Llama series.

My little one loves poetry. Especially from Lewis Carol, makes him smile and sleepy every time!

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Treasury of songs by julia donaldson is one of my girls favourites and topsy and tim books, they are 3 and 4

Books vary but my littles love when i sing "you are my sunshine". My singing sucks but they still love it. 🥰🧑🧒

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We also sing you are my Sunshine

Goodnight Moon and after I read Goodnight World. Reading both to my 9 week old makes her yawn repeatedly. There’s something about those books and me using my calm voice that makes her sleepy. I swaddle her right beforehand and put her between the hubby and I on the bed and read to her. I’ll hold the book over her and she’ll look at the pictures... it melts us both to see her looking at the pages. She doesn’t fall asleep right away, but the books relax her for a while. ❤️

I've tried so many different books with my daughter but she LOVES "Goodnight Moon"

My little girl has just got into us reading stories at hight time. She likes upsy down town and dinosaurs love under pants

We are working through the Winnie the Pooh series and I love it so much

“Principal from the black lagoon” - with loud and exaggerated expressions - hahaha my kids will ask me to read it over and over

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My 4 year old loves when I read Dr Seuss books to him.

Baby beluga 🐳 is one of our favourites with my now 7 month old :)

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And you can always play the song with it after too. Love it.

I’m totally going to check that out!

Pig the pug series is really funny!

Baby monkey. Neither by Airlie Anderson. Pink is for boys. Rex finds his roar.

Love you forever was always big with us... also, Not a book... but the "moshi" app sleep stories are life savers for my anti-sleep 7yo

We read are you my mother, cat in the hat, brown bear brown bear, and lullaby and goodnight.

She loved golden books up until a few weeks ago when she found one of my twilight novels and chucked it at my face! Lol. So, now we're 5 chapters into Charlotte's Web. But white noise for babies is really helpful when your little is having a tough time sleeping.

My stepdaughter and I are reading the American Girls books( Between ebay & thrift shops I’ve managed to s get all of the classic historical girls at a cheap price ). She loves them, & she’s learning (mwa-ha-ha). With 2yr old: DK children’s animal encyclopedia-lol🤣She loves it. Usborne pop up/lift the flap books. Usborne has a lot of really beautiful books for kids-often educational. FFor baby’s first birthday I had a book lady come – and I put on the invitations that rather than toys and clothes (of which I have a ton from my stepdaughter) we would love it if people bought books and that a lady would be available at the party. We asked them to write a note inside the book for baby to enjoy in the years to come. It also cuts down on wasteful and expensive packaging & cards.

I have a newborn so he doesn't actually pick the book or anything. But my absolute favorite books as a child was the Mercy Watson series so I have been rereading him that. Brings back memories of my childhood.

Eres mi mamá? ——the Dr Seuss are you my mother book but in Spanish. Been reading it for the last 8 nights straight.....🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😩😂

Corduroy bear is our favourite

Well at the moment she wants us to read Frozen... It's been 3weeks now. 😂

Right now we are reading The Wizard Of Oz

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