1 year old not sleeping at night

My 1 year old has been really upset going to bed at night for the last two weeks. His naps during the day are great and he goes to sleep himself after a few minutes. But once he’s put to bed in the evening, he screams the place down. Or he might go to sleep and wake up an hour or so later and won’t settle for hours. Not sure if this is the 12 month sleep regression?
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Might he be ready to drop a nap? Or for them to be a bit shorter? It's definitely a tough time, we're suffering with split nights at the minute and it's killer. How long is he awake after his last nap and before bedtime?

I was thinking that but he’s only just turned 1 and I thought it might be a bit soon. He’s up most mornings between 630 and 7. First nap is 10-1130 and his second is around 2-330. These vary a bit though during the week when he’s in crèche. When he’s at home, I usually have to wake him up from his naps. Some days he refuses the second nap but he’d be wrecked in the afternoon. He goes to bed between 7 and 730. But lately this hasn’t been happening!

We are going through the exact same thing, she will take a morning nap but it's later than it used to be and then won't take her big nap in the afternoon. Altho she woke a bit earlier than usual today and i got both naps in. We do an 8pm bed and i have to wake her by 3.30 to go asleep for 8. If i leave her sleep later she'll go asleep at 8 but just use it as a wee nap and then be up for hours. She's a similar age to your lad so i think they must be getting ready to drop a nap but still a bit young to go without it really 😵

That sounds tough! I might try to extend his morning nap tomorrow and skip the afternoon and see how we get on.

It could be that as well. It seems like he’s been teething forever so who know! Hopefully things get better for your little one.

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