Has anyone started feeding baby solids yet earlier than 6months? If so what do you feed baby and how many times do you feed baby a day.
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I started my boy at 4 months… we did solo veges like kumera purée for 2-3 days then went on to the next vege (or fruit for another couple days.. just to eliminate any possible reacts and what not.. then was able to start combining things he had together… a fave was peaches

Just started my bub on solids. He's 5 months 3 weeks. I started him on puree mash potatoes with breast milk mixed in and only fed at dinner time. I tend to feed the same thing for a few days until they're used to it and then try something new. Also I do one meal for around a couple weeks and then move onto 2 meals and so on.

@Kirsty I was actually thinking of putting my daughter on rusks but was unsure of the thought of her chocking? Does baby like rucks? With no incidents 😅 I’m a paranoid mama when it comes to feeding

Yip, I started at 4 months (have done with all my kids). I start with the packet purée’s from the supermarket. Now he’s nearly 6 months I am going to start introducing mashed potato etc he also chews/sucks on rusks (no teeth yet)

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