1 year old not pulling himself up

My son has just turned one and is still not pulling himself up to stand. He’ll do it when holding my hands but he won’t try to reach for anything else to stand himself up. PHN said if he’s still not doing it by 13 months, he’ll need physio. Anyone else in the same boat?
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My little girl is the same. There is only one thing that she'll pull herself up on and that's her old Next to Me that is on the floor in the spare bedroom. The public doctor said to encourage her to do it with other things but didn't mention physio...... She's also not crawling 🤷‍♀️ They are all so different.......

My little boy is the same. He does it with a little bit of help but he can’t do it independently. Sometimes I think our furniture is so high or not suitable enough for him to hold on to and stand. He tries to catch the edge of sofa and stand up but finds it very hard. I haven’t talked to doctor about it yet. So I don’t know what would be the next step.

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