• A
  • Cincinnati, United States
  • a month ago

Plant based diet

Any plant based mommas? I am but no one else in my house is including by babies. Did you start your baby off plant based or let them try everything?
  • K
  • 13 days ago

Yes! I am!!!!

  • L
  • CA, US
  • 14 days ago

Hi Ashley, yes I am vegan ☺️💗My son (17 mo) is as well. We are the only two in our house who are. We chose to start him off vegan and decided that once he is old enough to understand what it means and able to decide for himself, he can ☺️He LOVES to eat. Hope this helps! Message me for any other questions or just additional conversations!

  • A
  • Cincinnati, United States
  • 14 days ago

Thank you

  • S
  • New York, United States
  • 19 days ago

My husband is vegan but I want my son to have a balanced diet so I cook vegan for most meals but make 1ish regular meals a week for me and my son, plus he gets meat at day care. I’m grateful he loves beans and Indian food so there are some meals that work for everyone.

  • D
  • CA, US
  • 20 days ago

We are vegan , my all family ❤️

  • R
  • Ripley, United Kingdom
  • 23 days ago

We are a vegan family. We are ‘vegan’ for ethics but the evidence for also being ‘plant based’ for the environment and health is also overwhelming. If you are looking for a starting point check out the Veganuary site and maybe the Vegan Society. Challenge 22 will offer you a free mentor if that would be helpful. If you are interested I can think of a few other resources that may be helpful. I am also happy to answer any question or generally chat about it through a message. It’s nothing fancy but I post food photos on Instagram and am called mequirky on there. 🌱

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