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Any plant based mommas? I am but no one else in my house is including by babies. Did you start your baby off plant based or let them try everything?
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Yes! I am!!!!

Hi Ashley, yes I am vegan ☺️💗My son (17 mo) is as well. We are the only two in our house who are. We chose to start him off vegan and decided that once he is old enough to understand what it means and able to decide for himself, he can ☺️He LOVES to eat. Hope this helps! Message me for any other questions or just additional conversations!

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Thank you

My husband is vegan but I want my son to have a balanced diet so I cook vegan for most meals but make 1ish regular meals a week for me and my son, plus he gets meat at day care. I’m grateful he loves beans and Indian food so there are some meals that work for everyone.

We are vegan , my all family ❤️

We are a vegan family. We are ‘vegan’ for ethics but the evidence for also being ‘plant based’ for the environment and health is also overwhelming. If you are looking for a starting point check out the Veganuary site and maybe the Vegan Society. Challenge 22 will offer you a free mentor if that would be helpful. If you are interested I can think of a few other resources that may be helpful. I am also happy to answer any question or generally chat about it through a message. It’s nothing fancy but I post food photos on Instagram and am called mequirky on there. 🌱

I am plant based, my son has only had fruits & veggies. Not giving him milk or meat. When he is old enough to understand what is happening to animals he can make that decision.

I've been vegan for 15 years and I'm raising my 10 month old daughter on a vegan diet currently.

I’m WFPB! 🌱 👋🏻

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Low carb

I’m pescatarian and so is my daughter raised that way. I was vegetarian but went pescatarian after my daughter was born to give her more options but guess what she could care less about sea food but now I’m hooked on it, 😅 My hubby is a meat eater but if I’m cooking it’s to my diet. He usually gets his meat fix during lunch or when we eat out. Hmm... maybe that’s why we eat out pretty often. 🤔

My hubby and I are actually ex-vegans. We were vegan for 2 years but our health declined no matter what we tried and I couldn't get pregnant until we ate meat again. I think everyone handles the diet differently. Personally, I had planned to raise my family vegan until it didn't work out for us. What matters is that you want best for your kiddo and you continue to monitor their growth which any good mama would regardless of diet. My boy loves meat but he also goes crazy for brussel sprouts and asparagus. It can be easy to overdo it on the sugar and fruit on a vegan diet so I'd just watch out for that. Even too much natural sugar isn't good for us

I’d personally let your child try everything. It really helps so they don’t have any allergic reactions to that said food. Just Incase they choose to not live that life style as they grow up.

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I should rephrase they have tried everything especially foods that cause allergic reactions since we have lots of family allergies that's how we found out they are gluten free however I am cooking like 3 different style meals all the time

Then I say it’s completely up to you and what’s easier for you☺️ Always good to introduce foods that are popular with reactions! My son just tested positive to a peanut allergy but only thing that could have is a rash on the face (which as never happened). Was told since we introduced it at 4 months that it probably saved him from being really allergic to it! Crazy how the body works💙

We are and we just feed baby everything we eat... He loves smash chickpea with carrots. Or sweet Korean lentils with rice and quinoa with zucchini. We just always made our own babies food and feed him and her what we eat.

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Do you have a recipe for the Sweet Korean Lentils with rice? That sounds like something my daughter would love. We aren’t vegetarian or vegan but we tend to eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

I was vegan before my pregnancy but my baby craves sugars , fats , dairy and meat. I eat tons of fruits with chai and flax seeds. I eat tons of fresh greens and veggies to balance out my diet. After I deliver I’m going back to being vegan.

Hey lovely, I have become vegan during my pregnancy because no matter how much steak I ate my body wasn’t absorbing iron! So I have started my research into plant based lifestyle and haven’t looked back since. I’m raising my 20mo girl vegan however do allow her some products that contain dairy (ie bread rolls, or something with a bit of cheese on it) solely she doesn’t have a reaction to it later if she does choose to change this.. I think it’s all about educating them and what they decide we have to honour. My hubby isn’t vegan and I am comfortable with that. It’s a personal choice at the end of the day 😘

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Thanks! My hubby will never be plant based Haha I was just vegetarian before pregnancy but during my twin pregnancy I craved meats so I went with it once they were born I'm back to vegetarian but lean more towards vegan. I'm plant based the twins are gluten free and the hubby eats anything so grocery shopping is chaos

Hahah I can imagine it’s chaos.. maybe come to a compromise.. you get your veggie groceries done for you and your babies and he can bring his meat protein home.

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