Inductions, talk to me?!! Who's had one with Foley bulb?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had an induction with a balloon (foley bulb) or any other method and could tell me a bit about their experience? Im due to be induced in 6 weeks and want to know as much as I can about it before it happens. Ps I had a very unplanned induction previously with my stillborn but was too out of it to recall any procedure etc. Thanks in advance ladies
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Sorry I don’t, I was given a drip. Hope it all goes well 🥰🥰

Gosh @Amy, no experience of induction, what a horrible experience for you previously. So sorry for your loss. Hope everything goes smoothly for you x

I was induced with a balloon, was inserted around 2pm fell out around 7ish (definitely wasn’t in longer than 6 hours) was uncomfortable but bearable - they sent me home with this in. After it fell out I went back into hosp they sent me home again and said they would break waters in morning. After having my waters broke I started pushing around 12 hrs later. I was put on a drip during this time and also had a epidural from around 4cm dilated. Pushing time was around 2 hrs. Personally wouldn’t get induced again to the reasons they gave me (suspected big baby) x

@Becca thanks for your insight, I cant go into labour naturally as I have heart condition aswell as stillborn history so induction is really my only viable option aside from c section but I didnt want to go down that route. Do you think it made Labour longer for you? Was it a real hassle going home with balloon fitted? Sorry for all the questions im just curious. X

My induction story on the drip was a positive story, went on drip around 2pm gave birth about 6 hours later. I had an epidural and everything went well xx

It wasn’t a bad experience to be honest just feel it could of been prevented but you never know! I don’t blame you for going down the induction route than c section. Yeah I think it made labour longer just purely because I don’t think he was ready to come 🙈 no it wasn’t a hassle at all just couldn’t believe as soon as I set foot in the door and went to the toilet it fell out, if only it just did that in hospital 🤣 would of saved a few trips. No no ask away lovely x

@Fiona so im right in thinking you went in same day stayed in on drop after pessary and had a good labour? X

No experience of foley but was induced with pessary last time. Stayed in hospital whole time. First pessary did very little, replaced after 24 hours, then within about 6 hours got strong contractions, 3 hours later (no furthet interventions) was fully dilated and pushing!

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