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My son who is almost 4 will not eat fruit or veggies. He will not try any new foods. We have tried everything. I have tried mixing things in with food he likes and he will find it and not eat it. The food he likes is so limited. Help me!
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I make it into a talking game. my little one likes to discuss things. so I put some things on his plate without an expectation that he will eat it. and then I try it and, for example, say: this raspberry is very sweet and a little sour. you know what it would go great with? peanut butter! what do you think? if he chooses not to try it I continue eating and talking about it. I talk a lot about texture and how it feels to touch it or chew it. we learn new words with new food. The apple is really crunchy, but a pear is much more soft and juicy. the brocollini tastes a bit earthy, etc.

I also never beg him to try foods, because I can see he gets put off by it. I try to use statements. Today's game is to talk about aubergines. What do the feel like, what do they taste like? did you ever have something that tastes similar? what spices would go well with aubergine? we also cook together. he gets to cut all his veggies and fruit himself. that doesn't mean he will eat them all or even try it, but it increases the likelihood. I offer him to season his own veggies. if it's a simple avocado I will offer a little salt and some lemon juice to "bring out the flavor"

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