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  • Incognito
  • almost 3 years ago

Jealous Mom and Stranger Danger

So my 9 month old is okay going to other women. Sometimes she doesn't even want to be returned to me. When she sees her dad she gets really excited. I don't think she has responded with a similar level to me🙄. I spend the most time with her. I am the primary caregiver. 1. I feel kinda jealous😳. 2. A part of me is happy she is comfortable with others, but do I need to be concerned with how comfortable she feels. Like she shouldn't just go to anyone, and should want her mommy for safety right?
  • M
  • almost 3 years ago

I remember when the boys were young I read something called the grandma factor. The kid spends so much time with the same person, they get excited to see someone new! It’s normal. If it makes you feel Better I’d get mad if someone said the boys looked like dad. I was like no I grew him. He’s mine lol

  • A
  • almost 3 years ago

She is always with you so trusts youre there and not going anywhere. She hasnt seen Daddy all day so naturally is excited because oh my goodness he has returned... ya know? Dont take it personally Mama... Most kids go through this.

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  • almost 3 years ago

That’s how I felt too. She calls my mom “mommy or pita” and it still kinda upsets me but I have to understand that in my household my sisters and I call my mom mom. So she hears us saying it. My daughter calls me mommy too. But she comes to me when she needs me the most and is very attached to me. When I leave to even walk my dogs. She cries bc she wants to be w me. So you’re the constant even when you think she’s comfortable w others.

  • H
  • about 3 years ago

My son will literally walk up to anyone and start chatting, it's a nightmare as I have to have eyes 360 around my head and know his every move. He's almost 4 so more independent. I don't think at 9 months I wouldn't worry too much. There is lots of time to come and I'm sure your child will search for you. Children mainly react off of your facial expressions and tone of voice so if you're encouraging then they might feel more at ease

  • C
  • about 3 years ago

Don't fret - I had the exact same thing with my son. It lasted until he was 18 months old. He'd caught a few nasty bugs from his sister, but a real bad one in May. I was the one who bathed him, cuddled him, cleaned his sick and mess up. It must have stayed with him because he turned into like a different baby overnight. He's my shadow now. xx

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