• Shea
  • Tumwater, USA
  • a month ago

Helping baby crawl

I found this good article on helping babies learn to crawl. My little girl is 8 months so she's just starting to figure it out. Tummy time is key! https://pathways.org/blog/baby-move-5-ways-encourage-crawling/
  • K
  • AL, US
  • 10 days ago

My little man is 11 months is so close to crawling but doesn’t move should I be concerned that he’s not crawling yet.

  • E
  • 22 days ago

Definitely going to do more tummy time w our bby girl then!:) shes 7 months almost 8 and is sitting up on her own,rolls n crawls backwards but going forward she'll just get on all fours n rocks back n forth she's so close!😍💖

  • J
  • Charleston, United States
  • 23 days ago

Tummy time. Religiously.

  • J
  • Ocala, United States
  • a month ago

Mine doesn't even wanna roll over!! 😭 I suck at this mom thing

  • K
  • New York, United States
  • a month ago

My first HATED tummy time. I remember googling can a baby walk if they never crawl lol. He went from chilling to running. So don’t despair mamas

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