Potty training!?

Going to start potty training my 18 month old soon! Don’t know where to start - help!!
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@Sarah During the day i use training pants so its eSy to pull up and down. At night i use the night time diapers as she sleeps during the night. Doesnt wake up to potty then

@Shanelle do you use taining pants and or pull ups at night & during naps when they’re sleeping

I have successfully potty trained my 2 older girls at 20 months! Oh Crap Potty training is a great book. I bought the audio book, and found it much easier to listen/read. Highly recommend!

We were using reusable diapers a lot. So I started to use potty from 6 months. Now she is 17 months, she is saying pee-pee but doesn't really want to sit on it, running away. After the naps it works well, all night keeping also. So it's all my inner feeling when to sit her, but any beginning is good. Lots of patience and rags to wipe the surprises. But it helps them a lot to understand what's happening, anyway it is the same road through ups and downs 🏞️

Honestly i am currently in the middle of this journey with my 18 month old. I literally got the potty seat and just plopped her on. I asked if she needs to pottyy or go pee pee or poo poo. I give her rewards at the beginning when she actually went. So now when she needs to use the potty she says to me "poopoo" and puts her hands on the diaper. And then we go to the potty. Sometimes its a pee and sometimes its a poo. So far has been working out well. I suggest getting trajning pants or pull ups.

We started elimination communication with my daughter at around 11 months. She was having a hard time pooping in her diaper so we introduced the potty. By 12 months she was pooping in the potty consistently and by 13 months she would let us know when she had to go. Before that we would see her make the face and take her upstairs. We started daycare at 16 months and then she got pretty sick and so our potty use has gone down. We’re hoping to bring her back to it. I’d suggest starting with before and after sleeps. We noticed my daughter would hold her pee during her nap and then pee in the potty after. Sometimes she would also hold her pee over night. Before daycare we went days with her only peeing in her diaper once or twice and the rest of the potty but daycare really screwed with any advanced we made.

I honestly don’t have any advice but wishing you luck and definitely interested in your journey. I couldn’t imagine trying to train my 18 month old to go on the potty. Even changing her diaper right now is so hard because she won’t sit still. She’s just zooming all around.

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