Help with 3 year old

I’m really trying gentle parenting with my son .. well today they pulled me in office at his daycare and basically stated that my son doesn’t listen to anyone there and that the teachers are out of options to get him to listen. I suggested positive reinforcement which they state they’re already doing . I know i have trouble with him being stubborn at home and saying no to everything but I thought that was normal . I don’t want to spank him for not listening And I honestly can’t really do anything when he’s out of my care at school.. I guess the main complaint is him running in the building which he also does at home .. any suggestions ?
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I would switch day cares . Some day cares wont understand gentle parenting

Maybe a child physiologist can probably help. I mean 2-5 is the stage where they want to rebel land test your patience. But maybe seeing a professional would probably help. Have you spoke to your pediatrician about the behavior?

Does gentle parenting include time outs? Maybe try that I don't spank but we do, do that it helps some.

@Navita I plan to at his 3 year old check up next week

@Lara I will try that we don’t do time outs

@Natalia I’ve been thinking about that

If anyone spanks a toddler is out of their mind. They will think hitting is okay, they hit others in class. So I’m glad no spanking. But definitely try to enforce more time outs start by 2 mins and increase when he starts to understand

My little one is 2.5 and I’m trying to now enforce time outs because he is a little rebellious sometimes.

We do time ins with my 3yo more often than time outs. I just sit with him. No playing, but we might do hugs or gently stroking his arm or something else physically comforting. And we talk about what happened. So with running in the house I might say “do you know why you’re in trouble?” “That’s right, because you weren’t listening to mommy. Mommy is here to keep you safe. Did you know that when you run inside you’re more likely to fall and hurt yourself and even break the things in our house like that table you just ran past?” “Yeah! So it’s mommy’s job to know that and to tell you not to run so we don’t have something break or you get hurt.” “I know it makes you feel sad doesn’t it?” “Yeah that makes me feel sad too when I want to run and I can’t.” “Now our choices are to go outside and run or stay inside and play with our walking feet on. Which do you want to do?” And then once you’ve done that at home a couple times, you can start talking about how it relates to daycare too.

@Laura I will definitely try that . Thank you for the example

It only works if you go to a separate space like you do for time out. 😂

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