Anyone on keto to lose weight after having baby?
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So Im.actually mostly keto 80/20 during my pregnancies. With my first pregnancy I started overweight and my midwife told me to go keto and it was the best thing. I didnt have gd and ended my pregnancy at a healthier weight. So with baby #2 I started at 200lbs. So far I've only gained real babybweight and everything's come in the third trimester (baby is healthy) so I'm feeling great about going into postpartum. I'll add a few more carbs postpartum just to make sure I can breastfeed. I dont find keto restrictive because I hate deciding what to eat/cooking so its nice to have parameters and know what I'm eating everyday.

Hey @Liesl I’ve tried every diet under the sun. Keto was fun at first but got really sickening as its high fat and no carbs, theres only so much you can do with cheese 😩.. sorry not much help. What helped me actually shed weight was eating less and being super active. Swap the unhealthy foods with better choices and cutting out sugar was the best thing I could do. I say this while gaining weight as we speak due to being pregnant. How lovely 😊 x

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