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Anyone live in an apartment and have their neighbours bang on the ceiling in the kitchen at 10:30pm because your toddler is screaming and not wanting to go to bed. How do you deal with the neighbour? How do you deal with the crummy feeling?
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Crumby feeling should be that you have crumby neighbors, not anything to do with your family. But I know I feel bad for my kids that I'm constantly monitoring them running and noise level because we live in an upper unit. So that won't go away. Just take it in strides and try not to get upset with your kid for being a kid for the sake of your neighbor who has no understanding or grace for you and your family!

@Hazel thank you. I appreciate that.

Honestly when you live in an apartment/condo that’s what you sign up for. People will be loud and children will be too, don’t beat yourself up! It’s not like you’re partying or intentionally making noise. Kids can be tough at night, maybe reach out to explain things? Or just leave it be and see if they reach out to you.. they must not have kids so they may not be so understanding

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