Leaky diapers - Going crazy!

through all his diapers. We aren't getting blowouts, just pee up the back. Sometimes immediately after putting the diaper on. I've read that it could be that his diapers are too small but they are supposed to be for up to 10lbs and he is just under 9lbs. Also the size 1 diapers look like they will be pretty big (maybe this is what we want?) Any advice is appreciated! Poor little guy woke up wet several times last night. I felt really bad 😞 This wasn't happening his first week home..
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Try the diapers from countdown - the little ones brand. These r quite compact in fit around the waist compared to Huggies and the other brands. My son is slim and tall and I had faced a similar issue

I would try the next size up and see. Also we try and point his willy down 😄

You can't always go by the weight chart it's more about how the baby's built. But if you're having constant leaks you should try a different brand or size. As far as overnights go they do make overnight diapers which are more absorbent and expensive but you can also just put a maxi pad in the diaper before he goes to sleep and that should help catch everything.

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