4th trimester anxiety

I gave birth yesterday at 1:32pm everything is fine with baby and my partner was sent home at 9pm I’ve been feeling relaxed calm all the way till about 10pm and then I just got an overwhelming knot in my stomach with worry :( I’ve constantly checked he’s breathing all night it’s now nearly 4am, he coughed earlier after his feed and now I’m paranoid that he’s going to choke or stop breathing and I won’t realise is this normal to worry about? How do I get past it? I don’t even know what normal newborn breathing should be and if they should cough, all his checks have been consistently good he did his first poop in me so he’s being monitored but what’s normal newborn breathing like can he’s such a quiet baby he’s not really cried just little whingey noises and he doesn’t breathe loudly or anything
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Trust your instincts Mumma. You'll be on high alert even in your sleep so try to relax and respond to his sounds whenever you feel you need to. They have very changeable breathing to start with, particularly in sleep as they're learning how to use their new body in this new world. Use the helplines too, if you're really concerned, call the midwife or health visitor. Xxx

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